GK Hair

GKhair is much more than just a name. It’s a brand with a promise. A promise that your hair needs will be fulfilled. GKhair invests heavily in research and development to continually advance the science of hair to deliver new and innovative products. Whatever your desires may be, GKhair is the experience your hair needs.


In 1999 they founded “Cuccio Naturale” the first natural nail, hand and foot care treatment product line. Created from Mr. Cuccio’s personal experience, his Italian background and visits to Italy, he developed products that enhance and beautify clients worldwide. Today, Cuccio Naturale is used in top spas, day spas and salons throughout the world.


Kérastase represents from France the finest in luxury care for hair, setting new standards in professional hair care products which are used in our salon, where hair is analyzed in detail and the whole process becomes a custom of grooming and well-being.


Our salon is endowed with a portfolio of brands from France’s L’Oréal that is unique in the world and that covers all the lines of hair, skin and body care products and responds to the diverse needs of consumers.


The fine line of products from the Italian brand Proraso are based on natural and trusted ingredients, enriched, improved, our and refreshed constantly to win over new admirers while the underlying principle remains so as to create professional, quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave.